Ticket news…Gruff limit extended

Curbar Edge View Gruff

We set a limit of 50 riders as we were not expecting too much interest this year. Having exceeded our expectations we have upped the limit to 80 riders.

However, to alleviate any ‘clumping of riders on the popular sections such as Froggatt, Stanage and Burbage valley, we will set up to 10 riders off in 5 minute waves from 10.30 – believe us when we say by the time you get to the top of Barr Lane you will be ‘well spread out’ and as long as we are considerate of others, there should be no conflict of interest. We are, after all, being given access to one of the most spectacular edge routes in the country.

It is paramount for us to respect the land and the work the Eastern Moors Partnership has done by limiting our impact and sharing the permissive bridleways and trails with other users – access for all and respect for each other – BE NICE, SAY HI!


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