Gruff Gravel

OK so here it is – check out the route, upload to your preferred platform and see you next Saturday.
It’s tough in places and may need careful judgement as whether a tactical dismount is in order – there is no shame in a dab on a gravel route ;D – and if the weather is wet you will need to think about the ground under your tyres, especially in the White Peak sections.

As with any reliability ride, there are no signs, no marshals after the first junction and no set feed station.

SAFETY NOTE: at the 12.2km point there is a short but broken and rocky section that is technical and rideable with care followed by a ‘blind’ road crossing of the Hassop Road – extreme caution – go to the left of the fork and listen!

ROUTE NOTE: two sections are permissive bridleway – i.e. shared and popular with other trail users and if it’s sunny like today, lots of other users! PLEASE be considerate and adopt our well used and respected BE NICE, SAY HI approach – I use a bell and always assume the walker is hard of hearing before passing with a smile and reduced speed – we are limiting the Gruff to 50 riders as we do not want to abuse our position – we’d be grateful if you could do the same.

If you have a mechanical, fix it! If you hurt yourself, use your judgement and, if serious, ring the emergency services.

However, there is an emergency number and at a push we can get a van out to you – our Field Manager volunteer is Helen Fulson on 07801 599839.

There are a selection of very nice cafes and occasional hostelries (stay sober ;) and plenty of short/long cuts if you want to explore. It will be great to have you come along – have a Goat day!

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Old news…
So you are considering the Gruff Gravel Ride?

If you like a challenging parcours and you don’t mind waiting to see it, we will be sending out the GPX file to participants on 7 days before the event on the 14th.
Partly to keep you guessing but also as we have yet to settle on one of four ‘draft’ routes!
Currently testing them over the summer, (although I have my preferred option) unlike the Billy and Nanny road routes, the Gruff will change each year as there are literally hundreds of miles of singletrack, bridleway, drove road and quarry track to choose from.
50km/4 hours is our aim and tough and chunky gravel riding our preference.
Gravel bike or mountain bike will be needed.
Sign up soon, it’s only a tenner!
The Gruff Goats