The Maynard to feed the Goat!

Hi everyone, Dave and Sarah here, new co-ride managers for the 2019 Grindleford Goat in conjunction with the Sir William Hill Climb.  Please check out the tabs above for details on the Goat, Hill Climb, entry, other events and lots more.

For those who know Matt Heason, which is everybody, he has stepped aside this year to get cracking on other exciting things, but is still keeping an eye to make sure everything runs smoothly.  We’re heading towards the end of June and the numbers are filling up nicely.  We have gone into partnership with the well-known Maynard Hotel here in Grindleford for  the pasta meal, which with a beer, will be £9.50 to us.  We are passing that price straight on to you.  Meat and veggie options and a soft drink instead of beer will be available.  Check out the RiderHQ page for more details.  We have ordered the fine weather, something like last year would be very nice!  Well done everyone who turned up in the teeth of the forecast and enjoyed a beautiful warm day with blue skies.

As last year, we are super-geared up at the feed stations to make sure we are over-stocked no matter how hungry you are or how delicious the cakes, which of course are all included in the entry price.  Our friend John at Cafeology has very kindly stepped up once again to provide some great coffee for you – he’ll be making a little charge for the good stuff and we will have lots of free tea and coffee there for you too.  Hot drinks will also be waiting at Mam Nick for the Billy’s who have climbed out of Edale!
More news as we work out what happens next. Don’t worry we are one page ahead all the time, aren’t we Dave.
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