This was the first ever sportive for me…I’m new to this new biking craze that’s grabbed the nation!

After a thoroughly enjoyable time I guarantee it won’t be my last though.

A huge thank you to everyone who, obviously, worked really, really hard in putting together a hugely enjoyable event. You should all be very proud of your achievement. I hope you raised lots of lovely cash towards your goal of a new village shop in Grindleford – a place that holds many happy memories for me as I had my wedding reception at the Maynard Arms back in the ’80s !!

Once again…thank you all so much. I hope you do another one next year!


Thanks so much for a great event, we all had a great time. Emma and I were overwhelmed by the support and encouragement everyone offered Dylan on his epic adventure.

Dylan hasn’t stopped talking about it either, the smile on his face in the final mile was priceless. He slept well…

Thanks again,



Brilliant day, brilliant event, weather came good. Nice job.


Our thanks to all the “Goat Herds” for giving their time to organising a great day out!

My friend Sarah and I took part in it as our first Sportive and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Not only was it a great cycle, but the people who we chatted to before and after the ride were SO friendly (and made great Tea!) that we are really looking forward to taking part in Grindleford Goat 2014!





Myself and my 2 M8s really enjoyed it can’t believe it was your first year of organizing the event, we did the Nanny so no problem with the route, well marked out great feed station (lovley people) look forward to next year.

A big heads up to all that were involved in the organisation, liked the little stalls on the field afterwards.

We have more lads interested for next year.



Really enjoyed taking part in the sportive yesterday.

Everyone involved should be really proud of their hard work in putting on such a good ride.


The thing that made it special for me was the fact that the whole village got behind the event and the home made flapjack was amazing!

Look forward to doing the right course next year




Having good quality food at the start and at the finish was an excellent idea too – and very welcome. The bacon ciabattas and veggie pasta were wonderful – thanks to Nonna’s for their hard work in the kitchen.

And as for the cycling – we loved the route. It was just the right length for us and the climbs were well spaced out. Wonderful scenery with plenty of variety too.

All in all – well done to everyone! Please run the event again.

Sara & John


Great event

Many thanks to you and all the volunteers who gave up so many hours of their time on the day and beforehand.


We did the Nanny course, a lovely course, it was a challenging but very pretty route. I really liked having a bacon buttie and coffee before we set off!! I found all the volunteers to be very friendly and helpful, and the event seemed very well organised indeed. I dont have kids but I liked the fact that there was a family feel and stuff for the kids to do like the ‘kid’ course and the little obstacle course. It was nice that you had some chairs out and some local suppliers with food and snacks – it made you feel more inclined to stick around after the event and chat to other people which was really nice for a community based event.

The course was really well signed and we didn’t get lost which is a miracle for me as I spend half of my life lost.

All in all it is all positive feedback from us. Oh and also I really liked having a home made biscuit with goat icing in the goodie bag!

Thank you for a great event



Great work, all in all very impressive for the first one


Lovely friendly event. Great atmosphere and a peroni at the end :-) .


Brilliant event. Really enjoyed it. Loved the intimacy of such a small event .. great for first time sportive people like me.


Really enjoyed the ride and set up at base. Thanks. Will be back


great ride and organisation – defo up for it next year….


Thanks for everything. A good, tough sportive which has left my legs nicely in bits! On the whole the event was brilliantly organised.


Thanks for a fantastic day. My first sportive and I loved it. Great organisation from registration to the meal at the end.

All the volunteers were very friendly and helped to make it a great day. The feed stations were great with fantastic flapjack.


First up – a massive thank you and congratulations to you and all the goat herders. It was my first experience of a sportive and I had an amazing time. It’s the furthest I’ve ever cycled in a day and I’m really proud of myself and my friends – one of whom has only been cycling for six weeks. We all had a great time.

Feedback: The route was really well designed – challenging climbs, lots of jaw dropping views and great fun on the downhills. It was just enough for us at our level of ability and with our equipment. It was a fantastic way to take in the beauty of the Peak District.


Food was fantastic – especially the flapjacks and the pasta at the end. I was designated driver – but apparently the Peroni really hit the spot.



It was my first experience of a sportive and hats off to you – I thoroughly enjoyed it. Signposting was in all the right spots- potentially slightly bigger arrows for next time!!

Food stops, amazing flapjacks and loved the jelly babies! Perhaps one slightly before Monyash as they seemed quite close together.

All in all a great day, lovely atmosphere and sunshine- well done to you all.




Thankyou! Enjoyed it – great route, well-organised. Good feed stations- nice to have jelly babies and bananas and some salty savoury – cheddars.

Starting in bunches of 10 seemed to work well- especially as the timing of the lights was taken into account too. Liked the massage/physio at the end – really helped

But, overall – very good day. Lovely riding. Thanks very much.


When word gets out about how good it was, even the tight arses will sign up for next year.


Fantastic ride today thank you. I’m from Matlock and sometimes forget these roads are some of the best. You’re route today was one of the best round here.

Thank you to all the supporters and volunteers- flapjacks at Monyash were fab!

Really fab event and delicious biscuit medal!

Julia (061) (I think!)


Absolutely brilliant sportive – looking forward to next year !

Thank you for the massive effort you guys put into today !


A very friendly atmosphere the whole way round. You should definitely organise another one next year.

Very tired now and enjoying chilling on the sofa with a bottle of chilled white .




It was a top day out – really enjoyed it. Big, big thanks to you and the rest of the Goat Herders for organising such a stellar event: great route, great flapjack and great atmosphere.

Well done and enjoy the pint(s)



This was my first Sportive and I loved it! So well done to you organisers!

Will be doing it next year!

Thank you,



A huge thanks from me, it was my first ever sporty event and I loved very minute of it (apart from a couple of hill moments!). No critical feedback from me as a newbie.

All the better for helping out the village shop too, and I hope it becomes an annual occasion :)


I did the Nanny and had a whale of a time. I thought it was brilliantly organised, the feed station was excellent, the pre and post refreshments were fab. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging. whoever designed the route did a brilliant job too – just the right amount of climbs and spectacular scenery.

overall a lovely atmosphere and environment for my first sportive.

Thanks and bravo to all the organisers.


it was brilliant if an course I’ve only done one other sportive which I decided was done as a money spinner – main roads and vile- the route was fab and well market – only thing I’d do is on instructions show a picture of the signs and say this is what to follow – the others were bigger and yellow and black – quite different – I saw the turn at Alpert but I think it has herd mentality some people turned and others followed rather than using own brain – not your fault !!

Best wishes – I will be back



Thanks for a great event on Saturday, nice route, a lovely atmosphere, and good work with the weather. Dylan’s mom and dad were blown away with how friendly and supportive everyone was of him


Well done to all. A great event and I appreciate all the hard work that must have gone into organising it. Edward

Thanks to you, and all the other helpers, for yesterdays event………thoroughly enjoyed.

Many roads I’ve never ridden before, so that was good, and simply awesome views spelled a fantastic day out in favourable weather…..chapeaux!


Yesterday was an excellent event, all of you should feel very proud of what was put on.

The feed stations were well stocked and the people at them very friendly. The choice of sweet and savory snacks was great. I have done similar events where they provided cheese sandwiches, which were also good. Personally, I would have liked the first one a little earlier, maybe 25-30 miles in.

The route was great and well marked, although we nearly missed a couple of junctions (the one at the bottom of the descent towards sparrow pit-I heard there was a u-turn sign after though, great idea).


Thanks to you and everyone involved for putting on the Grindleford Goat.

What a great family event! We did “The Kid”. All five of us really enjoyed it – hope it takes place next year again – if so I will be recommending it to as many friends as possible.

Food particularly good especially the Nonna’s pasta at the end!




Thanks for a very enjoyable and well organised event. This was my first sportive and it was really nice to feel I was helping a local cause. I hope you raised plenty for the village shop and would love to join in again next year if you decide to do another. And wasn’t the weather great! Enjoy that pint – you’ve earned it.


Just needed to announce you actually did a wonderful job.

I appreciate it ,James