Gruff Details!!!

So you are considering the Gruff Gravel Ride?

If you like a challenging parcours and you don’t mind waiting to see it, we will be sending out the GPX file to participants onĀ 7 days before the event on the 14th.
Partly to keep you guessing but also as we have yet to settle on one of four ‘draft’ routes!
Currently testing them over the summer, (although I have my preferred option) unlike the Billy and Nanny road routes, the Gruff will change each year as there are literally hundreds of miles of singletrack, bridleway, drove road and quarry track to choose from.
50km/4 hours is our aim and tough and chunky gravel riding our preference.
Gravel bike or mountain bike will be needed.
Sign up soon, it’s only a tenner!
The Gruff Goats
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