Sportive Specific FAQs


Riders under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (both riders need to enter the event).

Entry Numbers

Numbers are strictly limited to 500  (Billy and Nanny combined) and experience suggests that the event will be full before the closing date. We offer no refunds.

Marshalls & Support

As a sportive event roads will not be closed and normal rules of the road apply. Marshalls will be provided at the most difficult pointsIf you have any problems please contact a marshall. You must also comply with any requests that they make of you.  A mechanic team will be on standby for serious breakdowns. Minor problems are the responsibility of the rider. An emergency contact number will be issued at registration. Medical support will be provided.


All riders must wear helmets. All riders must carry waterproofs and have water bottles fitted to bikes (2 for 100k). All bikes must be roadworthy and carry puncture repair outfits. All riders will be issued with registration numbers which must be strapped to the front of their bikes (ties provided). The mobile phone number registered on application must be carried for emergencies.

Start Times

Riders (Billy & Nanny) will start on a rolling basis from 10am. We aim to have all riders started by 11am. It’ll be up to individual riders or groups of riders (if you plan to ride together) when they start. Essentially we recommend that if you want to get off at 10am or close to 10, then start queuing by 9.30ish, otherwise just roll up to the start and go as soon as there is a slot. Riders will be started in groups of 10 / 12 every couple of minutes.

Kid riders registration will start at 11am.

Race briefing at 9.45am.


Registration will take place at Grindleford Playing Fields from 8.30am. Parking arrangements will be clearly signed but why not come by train? The start is only a mile downhill from Grindleford station. Starts from the playing fields will be staggered from 10am. All registrants must check-in on completion at the same location.

Emergency Contact

At the start of the event you will be given an emergency contact number. Should you need to drop out or should you require emergency assistance during the event, you should ring this number to inform the nearest marshal.  It is absolutely essential that you inform an official/marshal if you retire from the event. The number will be 07966529219.

The Finish

The route finishes at Grindleford Pavilion.

It is essential that you come to the finish desk as soon as you arrive a) this will ensure you get an accurate time and b) we can keep track of who has not yet finished.


A copy of the full results can be found on this website shortly after the event.


If the weather is kind to us there will be parking for most, if not all, cars on the day on the playing field at the start / finish. However if there is too much rain in the week or two leading up to the event we won’t be able to use the car park and you will have to park on the street in the village. Grindleford is over a mile long so there is ample legal parking on the roadside, but please park respectfully of residents, driveways and the highway code, and allow yourself enough time to get to and from your car with your bike/s.


We don’t offer refunds. Sorry.