A Few Last Minute Things

  • Showers are forecast for both Friday’s and Saturday’s rides so please bring sensible clothing and ride with due care and attention.
  • Sport Sunday will be on route on Saturday taking photos. Make sure you smile (or grimace, whatever is your preference) as you are going by. You will be able to purchase a photo of yourself on the ride from their website afterwards.
  • We have a new event happening this Friday. Starting at 15.30 there will be some fun grass track races in the Bonfire field (S32 2JN) for kids under the age of 13. You can enter in advance or on the day. Details at the bottom of this page.
  • Entries are still open for the Sir William Hill Climb which will happen this Friday. Details.
  • Online entry for the Kid, Nanny and Billy will close at 16.00 on Thursday 7th Sep. However you can enter them on the day (£30 cash for the Nanny and Billy, the Kid is free or a donation).
  • See you at the weekend.
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